NETract Web Services uses the good ol' USPS (snail mail) for distributing  Hosting invoices. We would hate for you to overlook a statement because your computer is out of service or your ISP won't let you log on. E-billing is available upon request. See example of Invoice
We accept Checks, Money Orders and Bank Drafts. 
send to:     NETract Web Services
                 P.O.Box 1051
                 Madison, MS. 39130
Top of Page  Domain Registration:
When your registration request is received, we will initiate the Domain Registration process to the Registrar for you. When we receive your initial activation payment, we will submit your registration. 
Registration can be from 1 year to 10 years.
The fee is only $20.00 per year and is NOT REFUNDABLE.



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Top of Page  Hosting Services:
Hosting setup is FREE. We will set up your server IP Address and map your registered domain to it. Hosting fees are paid prior to the service period. Your first invoice will be via e-mail to expedite your set up. After this, you will receive a monthly or quarterly statement usually payable by the 25th of the current month. Failure to remit payment in a timely manor will be cause for immediate deactivation of your account. Reactivation fees will apply.
Our goal is to offer the best value for the most desired services.
Most service upgrades will occur at no additional cost to our valued clients. Occasionally, a system upgrade may affect your monthly rate slightly.
Top of Page  Design Services:
Due to the diverse nature of Web Design and Maintenance Services, these are billed as they occur and may be posted via your web site using a password protected web page. You will receive an e-mail reminder and a link to the "Invoice Page" on a monthly basis. A priced detail listing of services, file names and dates will be included. All services will be approved by you (usually by e-mail) prior to uploading unless the service is pre-approved. Failure to remit payment in a reasonable amount of time will cause immediate removal of your site.
Reactivation fees will apply.
Top of Page  General Policy:
We, at NETract Web Services, pride ourselves in offering the highest quality services at the best value for our members. We try to keep the billing practice as simple as possible for each of your unique needs. There are only two things we require of you: (1) Responsible use of the Internet (membership policy) and (2) Maintain a current account balance at all times. (Billing)

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