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There are 3 components to owning and maintaining any web site. Below are the descriptions and fees for a typical NETract account. 
If you already have one of these components, that fee will not apply.

Domain Name
If we register a domain name for you, the yearly rate is $15.00 per year paid in full upon registration. NETract processes this fee, as your agent, directly to the registrar and it is not refundable. The domain name is owned by you. NETract will notify you at the end of your term to reregister. At that time, a $25.00 per year fee will be required.

Hosting includes the server space, DNS address and web management software & tools. The NETract50 Plan fee is $9.49 per month and is billed monthly or quarterly - your choice when signing up. This fee is continuous for the life of your account. *Prices may change as system upgrades occur

If you choose to have NETract design and publish your web site, design fees will be invoiced at the time of publishing.
You will discuss design ideas and site needs with one of our designers by phone or email. we will post the proposed plans to your site for review and comments. Your designer will finalize content and fees at this time. At the time of completion, you will be invoiced. A simple theme, 1 home page may cost $49.95. We charge a small fee for requested periodic updates to your site. The update charges will be added to your monthly or quarterly hosting statement as they occur.

What to expect
In this scenario, Mr. Smith has opened an account which includes a 1 year domain purchase, NETract50 hosting plan (billed quarterly) and a NETract design package consisting of 1 home page. The first billing is for 93.47.
Future quarterly statements will be only $28.47 for hosting plus any design activity requested by Mr. Smith. After the one year domain term, Mr. Smith will receive a renewal notice of $15.00 included in a quarterly statement.

Service Qty Amount
Domain Registration $15.00/yr X 1 yr. $ 15.00
NETract50 Hosting $9.49/mo X 3 mo. $ 28.47
Web Design 1 Main page $ 49.95
Set Up Free  $ 00.00
First 3 months total    $ 93.42
Recurring Quarterly $28.47

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