Checking your E-mails via POP3

From within your email program (i.e. Outlook, Netscape, Eudora) all you need to do is change your incoming and outgoing mail servers to "". This procedure will vary according to which email program you use, but these settings are most commonly found in your email's Preferences or Options.
For detailed instructions, please follow the links below:
Netscape Messenger
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express


I have setup my Email program to retrieve emails from your server but it does not accept my POP3 username and password... what's wrong?

Your POP3 login name will be in the form of "". The login is the same as your email address with the "@" substituted with a "%" character. Your password is the password that you have set in the Control Panel (also the same password for the webmail). The pop3 server should be "". Substitute with your domain name.

I setup my email but I'm not getting any messages when I check it... what's wrong?

Make sure your domain has been fully transferred or the registration is completed. Your email accounts will not work on our servers at all if your domain hasn't been transferred or the initial registration hasn't been completed. The best way to check is to simply go to your browser and type in

If you are having a problem we didn't answer here, please tell our support staff and they will help you as soon as possible

Note: If you have too many difficulties using POP3 to retrieve your emails, you may consider to check and reply your emails using our Web-based Email .

Outgoing E-Mails

We highly recommend using the outgoing or SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The reason is because you should experience faster performance from your own ISP. In some cases, you will not be able to use your ISPs SMTP server for sending out emails.

If you are using our SMTP servers please be sure to set your outgoing mail server to mail. from within your email program.  Also, please be aware that in order to send email though our servers you must have successfully checked your emails from our servers within the past 60 minutes. Once you have checked your mail, you will be able to send mail for the next 60 minutes.  We have our server setup this way so that spammers cannot access our smtp servers so easily. Otherwise spammers could relay their bulk mail through your account and send out millions of emails. Not only is spamming illegal in some states, but it also degrades the server performance. 

Web Based Email (Webmail)

If you are on the road or away from home and would like to check your email account(s), you can do so by simply logging into our webmail.
This web-based email will enable you to both check and send emails from wherever you are. All that's required is an Internet Connection and a web browser.

To access the webmail, open your web browser and type in:


Then, simply enter your full email address and password.

About Email Aliases: 
The Email Alias feature allows you to create an arbitrary e-mail addresses without creating a user account on the Server. An email message addressed to the alias is forwarded to an existing email address. For example, an email alias lets you setup a temporary or permanent alias email address such as and automatically route messages to a specific email user's mailbox.

A site user can have several email aliases that point to a email address or a local POP3 user. For example, John Smith (username <john1>) can have,,, and which all point to his username of <john1> at  You can also set up aliases such as,,, or that points to a specific email user or email address.

Unlimited Email Aliases:
It is possible to setup the mail for your domain so that any email sent to * will be forwarded to one specific POP3 account or an outside email account.  To add unlimited email aliases to your domain, simply create an Email user or alias with the name "default" (without the quotes).


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